October 2016

Laurie and Vicky came to us at a difficult time in our house hunting journey. My wife and I had met Laurie at an Open House about a year ago. At that time, we had already committed to another real estate agent and were just checking out open houses on our own. From the time that we met Laurie, we connected with her. She wasn't pushy, and was quite informative about the local housing market, even though she knew that we already had an agent.

The agent that we had let us down from a customer service standpoint. We believe that because of his lack of professionalism we lost a house that we had placed an offer on. So, we ended our business relationship with him. Fortunately, my wife still had Laurie's business card. We met with Laurie and Vicky and told them our situation. They accepted the opportunity to be our new real estate agents. In our first meeting with them, they spent time with us to get to know our housing wants and needs. That really impressed us. After that first meeting, they emailed us houses that met our criteria and we were well on our way to finding our new home. Between Laurie and Vicky, they provided seamless support to us throughout the week to view houses and to place several offers on houses.

After the owners of the last house (the current house in which we live,) refused to provide a reasonable counter offer, we walked away from the transaction. Well Vicky didn't give up. She continued to negotiate with the sellers real estate agent, and Vicky presented us with a counter offer from the seller that we were willing to accept; and we did.

My wife and I had given up on that house, but Vicky didn't because she knew how much we wanted that house. We thank her for that and we are currently enjoying our new home. The Team even made arrangements for my out-of-town family members that included my mother, to see the house while it was going through the closing process.

Thanks Kelly for being there to allow this to occur. That was very special. Thanks to the team of Laurie, Vicky, and Kelly. RM/JM

August 2014

"We both want to simply say thank you Laurie. You have no idea how much you helped us out of the weeds.

You gave us clarity, reasonable options, sensitive advice dealing with inter-family decision making re: finances, solid financial insight re: earnest $$$ forfeiture and fire sale pricing. You also restored our optimism. We were rather down and questioning our choices and our present dilemma. You walked us through it all and we came out feeling quite positive.

More importantly, you generated a wonderful confidence on our part in ourselves and in you. You have clearly mastered your profession. You have a brilliantly effective non-directive pedagogy.

You led us to our comfort zones without dogmatically beating us on the head. You have polished your art of being an Agent. The effort and time you clearly have put into honing and perfecting your profession shouted out to us. Trust us, the sweat and tears you have put into your professional "actualization" have been quite fruitful. You didn't just "learn" how to do it." CMF

Client Comments

"I could not have been more pleased with Laurie Whittemore as my realtor. She sold my house this year for the asking price within 30 days of receiving the listing. She is a total professional and she took care of every detail for me. I can't imagine listing with anyone else." DM

"We very much appreciate Laurie's in-depth market knowledge, savvy staging and sales strategy, and high level of customer service during the sale of our home. Her timely and professional advice assured the quick sale of our house for a fantastic price! Laurie was a trusted partner to us during the entire process, and we have no hesitation in recommending Laurie to sellers looking for a high caliber realtor." CWM

"In my 30 years of buying and selling various properties, I have never dealt with a team as professional, creative, and hard working as Laurie Whittemore and Vicky Lynn from Windermere. They do their homework for market research relevant to your property, and that hard work never stops once they have your listing. They will bring in talented people to photograph, video, and stage your property to give it maximum market appeal and exposure. They are very creative in their marketing efforts, and will also hold as many conventional open houses as you can tolerate. In addition to their unparalleled work ethic, they are excellent communicators. As a homeowner, I was always interested in feedback after a showing, either good or bad, and they could not have been more cooperative. Finally, they are genuinely pleasant, caring people to work with. I have become a believer in the team approach which they offer, from which you will get the synergy of multiple experienced people working hard toward your goal. Stated simply, they are the best of the best." SB

"Three offers within two days of listing; sold above asking price! Laurie Whittemore is an outstanding Realtor who knows how to help her clients get excellent results." Anonymous

"My husband and I were first time home buyers and couldn't have asked for somebody better than Laurie. She was helpful, knowledgeable, and always willing to go above and beyond what we ever expected. We would never go to, or recommend any other Realtor to anyone!! She is as good as they get!!" LKS